According to a recent resolution from the Roman assembly, people can now get married by the seashore or in agritourisms by paying a fee. “It is a first in all of Lazio”, as mayor Montino said.

People in Rome can now celebrate their wedding in the Stadio Olimpico or Villa Borghese as well, parks, castles or by the sea, and in Fiumicino you can get married with a civil ceremony outside the municipal offices. Fabrizio Panecaldo’s resolution has been approved: “Sposarsi a Roma” will be provided with a regulation to pick suitable locations wherein weddings may be celebrated. Civil rites in public places were unfeasible as of civil code’s 106th clause, but as the municipality of Fiumicino has stated, a request for public sites to be available for wedding celebrations has been issued. An area no smaller than 25 square metres will be provided for civil rites to be held.