Borsa del Matrimonio in Italia


The B2B Wedding Event since 2014


BMII is the concrete answer to the ever-increasing demand from foreign couples for a wedding in Italy. In the last years there has been a growing trend wherein our country is the most sought-after destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Wedding planners and specialized agencies are tasked with the organization of the event by providing the necessary products and services, such as wedding dresses, location, reception, catering services, travel destinations, photoshoots and so on.



BMII offers Italian and international operators a chance to meet in an exclusively B2B event through a free selection of meetings that are scheduled online. Italian sellers will cooperate with international buyers to pool together the largest array of Made In Italy products and services for weddings and create concrete chances for business.

The workshop will be held in the suggestive Roma Convention Center “La Nuvola” and includes a 2 day program with 20 minute meetings that can be scheduled online.